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Computer hardware assembly and maintenance

Software installation and integration

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We are a company that has been around for 20 years now supporting small local businesses and private users with good solid advice built on sensible experience built up from many various aspects of the computer business from hardware and software to networking and CCTV.

We have developed the "safety net" system of IT management where we can train your own staff to perform day to day running of your infrastructure with the support of Trax where needed.  All this for a reasonable monthly charge.

YOU stay in charge of your IT system not a "faceless" third party company.  We will then provide the final support if required by an on site visit or remotely via ADSL.


Trax Computing has been delivering honest IT consultancy and hardware support for nearly 20 years to small businesses, schools and public authorities.

Our competencies include:



         Digital CCTV

         RAID Storage  



         Software integration